Friday, March 29, 2013

Special Flavored Curry Chicken

     Here it is, I demanded myself for something a little special, Special Flavored Curry Chicken. Curry is a very Indian stuff, but with some rosemary and more black pepper and hot sauce! Marinate the chicken with those spices mixture would turn it into something new and unique flavor, still a curry though, but taste quite different.

    Oh yes, I would like to leave a little tips here: the chicken breast should be cut into a large chunks with wide surface and with thin thickness, not too thin or too thick, just about an inch. Because the chicken is gonna be cooked in very high heat so when its sides has been seared, the inside would be cooked nicely as well, the texture should be still a bit juicy, not dry.

I hope everyone can give it a try, and enjoy it with some hot cooked rice.