Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Mushroom Feast

 Not a special holiday nor a festival thingy, just a simple occasion having a small Mushroom Feast with my family. Every meals are all have at least a type of fungus within the recipe.

Toasts with egg & mushrooms, just a simple dish served with a glass of milk in the mornin'
Baked Chicken Wings and Mushroom with Chicken Demi-glaze served on Pain Ordinaire (Pain Ordiraire, the name is fancy though but it's just plain white bread I made, had it toasted and served it with the mushrooms, they'll be a great comfort food together I say) Ah yes, about the mushrooms on top of the toast, I deglazed the baked chicken's brown-y things that sticked on the baking dish (THAT'S THE GOOD THING) and added into the mushrooms when the mushrooms was began to soften (I used needle mushrooms, any mushroom would also work perfectly) while saute with seared specially marinated small pork chunks (I choose the lean one 'cause I don't wanna take so much fat into my body, seriously. But of course, if you like, you can add bacon. That will gonna give the mushrooms a nice flavor  and color too)
Mushroom Soup / Soup of Every Fungus (well, mostly)
    Well, I was gonna make a Mushroom Soup that we, all the people, usually had. But my dad don't like it, so I decided to make something different, and intended to add a fusion of the way of Chinese cooking. Somehow like the egg soup and sea cucumber soup (I'm not sure about its English name, haha) but with many types of mushrooms.... and its cousin woodears! Just anything that's related to FUNGUS as long as it isn't poisonous!