Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vanilla, Chocolate and Dragon Fruit & Watermelon Ice Cream

Recently, I joined  2 contests with my ice cream, the theme of the two contest are, Frozen Treats & Weekend, on I known this website quite a long time already but I didn't post anything there nor join a contest. Somehow I was motivated and I learnt to make a really good ice cream at school, I mean really..really.. really good. 

  Please go there and visit my instructables to learn more information of the ice cream and please vote for me if you think I deserve one :)  Link:

Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Start, New Life, New Food Knowledges!

Hey y'all, I'm now at Singapore, has been here more than a month now. Learning at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, taking the course of Diploma in Culinary Art. Sorry that I didn't update anything to this blog,I've been too busy, my blog is not dead XD just temporary stopped. Well here I am, back here for awhile just letting you know something. I'll try dig up some time to fill everything up.

  At school was cool, people there are quite friendly, at this point I'm quite satisfied, they are helpful and approachable. I met some new friends, some are local there and some are foreigners, from Malaysia, Philippines, China, Indonesia, India, and even Korea, and etc.

  As for chef instructors, I like most of them, except one =3= I try not to mention his name here. Unlike most of the other chefs, he didn't show how to do things, instead, he left us in the kitchen and expect us to cook something. Besides, he didn't let us have lunch until 3pm (we usually have lunch on 12pm) Why? Because he already had lunch himself why the hell he had to care about us. He almost did this again for the second time, the lunch time was passed half an hour, but luckily one of my friend stood out and asked the chef to let us have lunch. By the way, his teaching skills was like shit, reading from slides? Come on... One thing, I felt regret that I didn't give an honest feedback to the academy about that chef... argh.. Well, good thing my friends did, to be honest this was for the chef's own good, let other people know how he performed as a chef instructor and make him change, if possible.

  Enough said with that, let's talk about the good stuff! About the course, so far quite good to me, many things to learn, though I still didn't feel like learnt enough, maybe I'd like to crave for more. Well, it's only halfway in term 1, 5 terms total. Recently finished the culinary basis and now I'm learning pastry & bakery basis. Above all about the academy, I'm happy with it, still a good place to learn and practice.

  I'm really tired most of the time, usually don't feel like writing, that's what kept me procrastinated to continue this page. I forced myself to finish this page as much as possible, well I guess that's it (you hus might say "that's it?????" XD, but I'll finish will bunch of pictures below, enjoy~

  Oh yeah, you can visit my Instagram to follow up > . I can post up some pics even with a wee of time than writing, so if you are interest of any food just comment, I will

I made grilled chicken salad with vinegratte

I went vegan that day, I made some cream scramble eggs and sauteed mushroom  

Trying learning to make my food look more presentable with my veggie mix pesto.

Chicken Tikka Marsala

My Fusion Cuisine~ Stir-fried noodle(spaghetti) with potato balls

I dunno what to call this dish, just trying to use up the fish I fabricated.
Taste good somehow.

Spicy and Sour Steamed Fish~

Practiced Western Dry Heat cooking at school
I love these!! Above are Chinese Cuisine, Yang Chow Fried Rice and Deep Fried Chicken. Below are Thai's, Grilled Coated Salt Tilapia Fish and Pineapple Fried Rice

Singaporean & Malay Cuisine, I remember these were made at afternoon class, we had these as our dinner, a very filling dinner!!
Learning to know how to use Tandoor oven for Tandoori Murgh Tikka (Roasted Marinated Chicken) and Tandoori Naan (below)

Tandoori Naan

Tandoori Murgh Tikka and Naan Served with Dal Makhani

Roasted Chicken Thigh~

Little Practice with Friends
Banana Muffins


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Brown Chicken Carbonara

  I intended to made a brown colored carbonara, and with different method, if you don't like to call it carbonara it's up to you XD The same thing about this with traditional carbonara is, parmesan cheese and eggs. Of course, if you have bacon available, please do add them, it gives really good flavors (though I didn't 'cause I don't have :( it's not easy to get one here) fry the bacon with the chicken, but don't overcrowd them.

  Oh yeah, I made roux for the carbonara, you'll see how I do in the recipe below.

Enjoy~ Stay high on COOKING and EATING!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Special Flavored Curry Chicken

     Here it is, I demanded myself for something a little special, Special Flavored Curry Chicken. Curry is a very Indian stuff, but with some rosemary and more black pepper and hot sauce! Marinate the chicken with those spices mixture would turn it into something new and unique flavor, still a curry though, but taste quite different.

    Oh yes, I would like to leave a little tips here: the chicken breast should be cut into a large chunks with wide surface and with thin thickness, not too thin or too thick, just about an inch. Because the chicken is gonna be cooked in very high heat so when its sides has been seared, the inside would be cooked nicely as well, the texture should be still a bit juicy, not dry.

I hope everyone can give it a try, and enjoy it with some hot cooked rice.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Mushroom Feast

 Not a special holiday nor a festival thingy, just a simple occasion having a small Mushroom Feast with my family. Every meals are all have at least a type of fungus within the recipe.

Toasts with egg & mushrooms, just a simple dish served with a glass of milk in the mornin'
Baked Chicken Wings and Mushroom with Chicken Demi-glaze served on Pain Ordinaire (Pain Ordiraire, the name is fancy though but it's just plain white bread I made, had it toasted and served it with the mushrooms, they'll be a great comfort food together I say) Ah yes, about the mushrooms on top of the toast, I deglazed the baked chicken's brown-y things that sticked on the baking dish (THAT'S THE GOOD THING) and added into the mushrooms when the mushrooms was began to soften (I used needle mushrooms, any mushroom would also work perfectly) while saute with seared specially marinated small pork chunks (I choose the lean one 'cause I don't wanna take so much fat into my body, seriously. But of course, if you like, you can add bacon. That will gonna give the mushrooms a nice flavor  and color too)
Mushroom Soup / Soup of Every Fungus (well, mostly)
    Well, I was gonna make a Mushroom Soup that we, all the people, usually had. But my dad don't like it, so I decided to make something different, and intended to add a fusion of the way of Chinese cooking. Somehow like the egg soup and sea cucumber soup (I'm not sure about its English name, haha) but with many types of mushrooms.... and its cousin woodears! Just anything that's related to FUNGUS as long as it isn't poisonous!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cheese-Mayo Baked Mussels

       I found this from a website, l tried and it was pretty tasty. And down below is mine with the same recipe as from the website. I wrote this with my unleavable favorite note 2 ^^ Really a good thing to write blog~

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Back 'Alive' Again!

  Fairly busy in December, doing all the stuff to apply to an academy, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy, in Singapore. And I haven't been interviewed yet.

  By the way, Happy New Year to everyone!

*PS: I hand-writing is kinda messy looking hope it doesn't 'hurt' your eyes XD