Friday, August 17, 2012

Pasta alla Carbonara!

  Speaking of the etymology of Pasta alla Carbonara (created in 20th century), Carbonara in Italian which means "Charcoal Burner". I believe this dish was created as a hearty meal for the charcoal workers. In another way of saying, dashes of black pepper in this dish looks like ashes from charcoal working place XD
  In my little edition, I divided the amount of the bacon and used ham instead, so it should be 1:1. Moreover, I broil the bacon and ham in the oven instead of searing it, for about 30 minutes, it worked pretty nice too.

Pasta alla Carbonara
½ lb bacon
2 eggs
Black pepper at least 8g (or to taste)
½ cup grated parmesan
160g cooked pasta
3 tbsp Pasta water
Parsley for garnishing, optional

1.      Sear bacon on low heat until crispy, set aside. Reserve the fat that released from the bacon.
2.      Whisk the eggs, black pepper, fat from bacon and parmesan together. And 3 tbsp of pasta water.
3.      Mix pasta with the cheese mixture and bacon altogether.
4.      Garnish with parsley and sprinkle more black pepper and parmesan cheese if needed.

*Don't add the cheese mixture into the spaghetti  while it's too hot, only if the pot is warm to touch then go ahead. Or, you can mix them in a big serving bowl and cover up with a lid for a few minutes before serves.