Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food of May

Busy month it is, May. Exams for 2 weeks =.= that made me lazy and sluggish to do anything, therefore I cook only a few and didn't write a new post. Other than that, I was also stomachache (Argh.. that made me puke=.=) and the following days I gone sick and headache, was that xxxxing coincident or what? Only 4 special dish I made(T.T), see pictures at below :)

It's Lasagna, it's nothing new, but it was for my mom, at Mother's Day! I added more ingredients in it, like mushroom, 2 kind of ground which were meat pork and beef, and I blend the tomato with garlic and shallots.

This is much different, and I still don't know what for its name though. It was also for my mom, at the next day of Mother's Day.
As for the recipe, I'll post it later.

Herb Crusted Chicken, I like this one, my family loves its, and even those who hate herbs will loves it. I'll write more about it soon.

Meatball Patties Alfredo, the last I made in May. This one is really good, it is chicken. Also, I will think about making beef meatball patties for next time.