Friday, March 16, 2012

What I've cooked in this holiday~

These are what I cooked in the first mid-term school holiday~
I made 3 black peppery dishes XD Well, because I have tons of black pepper in the kitchen~

Braised Black Pepper Pork & 
Mushroom Stew
Black Pepper Chicken Chop

<<  For those people who LOVE
!!Black Pepper!!
!!Lean Pork!!

Black Pepper.. 
Again XD

Spaghetti with Oyster sauce

Tortilla Salad Bowl

<<      Tortilla Bowl
     from Average Betty <3
Black Pepper Steak
Imma little busy for something so (plus I was a bit lazy Xb) hardly find the right time to write XD
These recipe will be awaited after this~~