Friday, December 2, 2011

My First Eggs Benedict!!

  This is the first time I made Eggs Benedict. My second elder sister love it even she don't like eating creamy egg yolks usually, she rather eat fully cooked yolk than half raw.

  As you can see, I'm not using english muffin, but whole-wheat bread. I quartered the bread and press to stick them together by using palm into a small square bread. After that, I placed my baked ham on the top of the bread. And a long with Poached Egg and Hollandaise Sauce. But I used White Sauce instead of Hollandaise Sauce. You know why? Because you gotta need about a stick of butter or more and egg yolks, and I don't wanna get fat! By the way I considered this my version of the Eggs Benedict XD

  To poach an egg, see the steps on "Poached Eggs" post. Here's a little tip like Julia Child said,"Add 1 tbsp of vinegar per quart of water."

  If you wish to know how to make White Sauce, click here! I don't think I gotta rewrite it here, I'm lazy Xb

See that? It look fantastic!