Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I did it! Pâté de Poulet en Croûte!

  I been desired to make this for so long since I watched the movie, Julie & Julia. Well, I finally did it, bone a chicken! It wasn't easy as I thought especially for a novice like me. I used chicken for pâté but they used duck in the movie, mom don't buy duck for me XD It's expensive anyway.

  Pâté de Poulet en Croûte, in english named, Boned Stuffed Chicken Baked in a Crust. It was my Sunday Dinner. By the way, thanks for the video which Chef John (Food Wishes) shared. Enjoy the video and learn from it~

Here for Pâté de Canard/Poulet en Croûte Recipe!!
  I copy it from the book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, but I made it a little differently, I used chicken, I trust the chicken with the method from the video above, I used different stuffing with ground chicken meat, ham and bread crumbs to substitute pork and veal stuffing, I didn't brown it on a skillet but paint some butter on the chicken and baked it in the oven until it brown. I removed the string from the chicken before fold up with pastry dough, and different decorations. The rest of the steps are the same as I followed.

I boned a chicken!!
Hmm.. a little leaked :( never mind, I'll do better next time!

Very sorry if the words is too small for you, please click and open to see it in original size.

After the fold-up with pastry dough and coated with egg glaze.
It's in the oven.. bake-bath..

Well, I serve it warm. It was perfect as well.
See how it look inside~