Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food for my two sisters ~11.12.11 & 15.12.11~

  Been busy around these days, busy for my two sisters birthday and my elder sister's wedding day. On 10 Nov 2011, we, my families and all the cousins, celebrated my second elder sister's birthday, we had the party earlier, should be 11 Nov. I made Special Mashed Potato, Mac and Cheese, Brown sauce and White sauce. I didn't make many, because we had plenty food.

  I made the Mashed Potato differently, I made it by layers with some ham and cheese, then make wavy and pointy top (like Chef John Mitzewitch did) with spoon before bring it to oven for awhile.
I made these for my second elder sis on her birthday party.

My special Mashed Potato!

  And I made Quiche on my eldest sister's wedding day, too bad my quiche finished before I could take a picture of it. I didn't have a bite even. If you like see how my Quiche look it, click here to see it on my older post.

  15.12.11, my eldest sister's birthday, I made Mushroom Garlic Spaghetti Alfredo and Custard. And my mom cooked sauteed veggies and chicken. At the meantime, we made these for my granny and cousins as a last lunch before they went back to Sibu.

Custard will be the next post, stay tuned!!