Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fish Goujons~

  Yesterday night, my family enjoyed my Fish Goujons, dipping with Tartar Sauce would be perfect. Very easy and no special ingredients. It's almost the same way to cook Fish Goujons as Fried Calamari, you can go to visit "Fried Calamari" post for reference.

  First of all, cut fish fillet into strips. Let the fishes dry by patting with paper towel. And then mix flour with salt and pepper (perhaps some herbs, like basil, oregano or parsley, will give different nice flavour), set aside.

  Whisk eggs until well blended and set aside. Don't forget the bread crumbs! pour into a plate or bowl, prepared for the last cover that make crispiness.

  To coat the fishes, drop your fish into the flour mixture and give it a few rolls to get covered nicely. Then, dip it into the eggs, the second coat. Lastly, ROLL them on bread crumbs! Do the same to the rest of the fishes.

  Fried them in hot oil, and place them on paper towel to dried off the oil. Ahh~ +v+ plate them up and serve with tartar sauce and salad, and Enjoy with your Fish Goujons~