Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do you love corn? Try Corn Soup!

  I love corn, seriously, it taste sweet and lovely.

  I had this with fried chicken for dinner, on my birthday, 11-11-11. I post it pretty late because I been addict to games. Besides, I'm reading the books for some cooking tricks and recipes. "THE BOOK" I been reading is 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' which I downloaded it intentionally, well, in package that's why I didn't noticed it since in October.

  You know what, I watched a movie which my online-gaming friend was telling me about it, 'Julie & Julia' by 2009, why did she told me about this movie, in a game! First thing first, we was chatting, and she thought I'm a girl >.< because after she knew that i love cooking, and being too kind XD Of course she felt so sorry about it, really, she kept saying sorry. Well, I told her just forget it. She couldn't, but until she introduced me the movie "Julie & Julia" as an apology. It really is a nice movie, I do enjoy that movie. And then I realized the book wrote by Julia Child is what I have it now! Thank God, God gave me presents, a cookbook and a movie, to encourage me about my ambition of become a Chef. Or maybe is the spirit of Julia Child brought these to me. God Loves Me! And thanks to my gaming friend!

'Julie & Julia'
Real Julia Child
  Now let's talk about Corn Soup, the soup is creamy and you can tasted there is small bites of  mashed corn, not completely mashed. Perhaps I should leave a few whole corn so no one will confused about this soup as some other soup. Plus it's good for decoration.


Corn Soup
2½ cups corn, cut from the ear, simmered until tender in 1 cup milk (or 2½ cups creamed style canned corn)
3 tbsp butter
½ medium size onion, diced
3 tbsp flour
1½ tsp salts
A few grains freshly ground pepper
grated nutmeg (optional)
3 cups milk or 2½ cups milk and ½ cup cream
3 tbsp chopped parsley or chives (optional)

1.      If you are using fresh corn, simmer it in 1 cup of milk until it is tender.
2.      Put the cooked or canned corn through a food mill, food processor or coarse sieve.
3.    Melt the butter. Simmer the onion in the butter, until soft. Stir in the flour, salt and pepper, a touch of nutmeg, the corn and the milk. Heat through.
4.      Serve the soup sprinkled with chives or parsley.

·         Makes 5 cups, 4 to 5 servings.
·     Leave a small cup of corn for decoration will be perfect.