Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Veggie Spaghetti!!

  I know most people don't like vegetables, like my friends XD except one, he is vegetarian, Jimmy Chin, my best friend too. I thought about him when I cooked this, usually he couldn't eat most of the food I made, sad... But he is able to taste this one!

  Well, I cooked this for my breakfast spontaneously XD Which means I didn't follow any recipe book! Have no fear of this spaghetti, it was delicious, I asked my mom's opinion.

  For the recipe... I guess you can do it on your own, the point is the taste of veggies.

Here's some suggestion:
-Red, Yellow, Green bell pepper (no BLUE XD)
-Broccoli ^^ (I loved it though I didn't add it in)
-Baby corn, Cherry tomatoes, Carrot (Just any veggies that you have, but don't add toooo much Xb)
-Olive oil (Important, it brings the nice flavour)
-A bit of vegetable stock

  It's really easy, just saute the veggies with butter and olive oil in medium high heat, the harder veggies first then the softer. After a few minutes, add in stock and the seasoning. Then add spaghetti to mix well together. And serve with grated Parmesan cheese on top.