Thursday, August 25, 2011


  What a tiresome day, I went home after the exam. My two cousin, Benny and Alvin, was with me. We played computer together at my home, though tomorrow still have exam.XD

  Benny said " I'm hungry, anything for me to chew?XD". Haha... So I intended to make cappuccino, also to energize myself incidentally.

  Hmmm~~ Totally satisfied~~

Here is the recipe of Cappuccino:
  In ratio:  1:1:1 = Espresso : Hot Milk : Foams of Milk 
  -sugar, coco powder, cinnamon powder (adjust all these with your taste, you can add more if you want it taste stronger. But do not add too much!XD)
  Sprinkle some grated chocolate, coco powder, cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla powder.

1.Heat espresso and milk, along with sugar, coco powder and cinnamon all together 5-8 minutes, don't boil it.
2.Meanwhile, heat the milk until it's really hot. Then whip it until foams appeared.
3.Pour heated cappuccino into a cup,and left 1/3 space of the cup for the foams.
4.Sprinkle before serving, Enjoy~~

  If there is any question or suggestion, leave a comment... :)