Monday, July 4, 2011

Spaghetti Alfredo with Meatball

  Alfredo sauce, it brings a lot memories to me. At the very first that I made this sauce, is very thick, EXTREMELY!! It stuck in my whole mouth and hard to swallow XD Sounds like white lipstick to me.

  Plus, I had once made the sauce, failed too. Because it's a bit too watery, tasteless. However, my skills are now greatly improved. Owing to that, the sauce get even better than before.

  This time I made Alfredo with my favourite BEEF meatball. Because beef have richer taste than the other meat like chicken and fish. And of course, I had added in the cheeses to make it taste more wonderful.

  I had this in lunch time today, a rainy cold day, it's pretty cool to have this to warm myself. Well, I should be in the stadium today but I didn't because my intuition told me to. So i had killed three birds in one shot, you know, luckily I didn't turn myself into a wet dog, I bet my friends did. And also, lucky that I'm staying at home and supervise the worker if not my house will be painted in wrong colour. Third luck is, I had this perfect Spaghetti Alfredo alla Meatball.. ("alla" is "with" in Italian XD)