Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maki Sushi or Sushi Rolls in triangle!

  巻き寿司 (maki sushi) translated as Sushi Rolls. I made it last night with my eldest sister. She taught me how to roll the sushi properly. She could make it perfectly, according to her experience, although she is not a sushi maker anymore but she was.

  I made just a few, but I learnt it fast. Only thing is I have to work on my speed. Well, I intended to made it differently. So I did, shaped it into triangle which is cute and special.

  We didn't make it with egg since the eggs was out of stock XD

  Of course serve it with Japanese tea is superb, if you don't, try another tea will goes well too. Stay tuned, I dunno what I will cook next, though.