Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Quiche, bit different to compare with Tart!

  As you can see the picture right above is my second-time quiche. It's with some ingredients like meat, bell pepper, tomato and cheese.

   Well, that's suitable to be serve as main or side dish or antipasto(appetizer). As for tart, it taste usually sweet and serve as dessert preferably.

My 2nd-time Quiche...
My first quiche, it's a bit burnt on top

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Scorching hot!! It's Flaming Eggs!!

  A colourful dish, Flaming Eggs, yet tasty and a bit spicy hot. It's a very simple dish. Flaming eggs isn't taste extremely hot as you thought unless you added a lot of chilli XD

  I made this dish in this morning foremost. The ingredients included onion and all the red things like, tomato, red bell pepper, chilli and tomato paste. After sautéed all those ingredients, make a few holes on the mixture on a plate, crack some eggs on it and bake it. Lastly, sprinkle some parsley for garnishing. That's how it done!

  It was originated from Spain! Actually, Flaming eggs is really a rare dish. It's really nice even though it's not very popular.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mashed Potato with Chicken Gravy

  Mashed Potato, I cooked it in this morning. I was about to bring it , in a warmer and in a bag, to school. Darn fragile bag just broken, guess you know what it means. Therefore my potato turned messy and ugly T.T

  I brought it because I wanna let my friend have a chance to taste my food. Oh darn, I missed the butter, it would be tastier when it goes with butter. Plus it can also make mashed potato turn smoother.

  As for the gravy, I have a brilliant idea that inspired by my buddy, Hammond aka Huong Yew Wei. It's to make gravy in mushroom flavour, Nice!

*UPDATE! Now Recipe Available!*
  To make Mashed Potatoes, Click here!

For the Chicken Gravy, the colour depends on the colour of the stock and fat , but more delicious, see below!

Chicken Gravy
¼ cup fat from roasted chicken
¼ cup flour
2 cups pan juices and chicken stock
Salt and pepper for seasoning
¼ cup cream (optional)

1.       Heat the fat. Add the flour and stir until blended.
2.       Slowly stir in the pan juices and chicken stock. Cook and stir the gravy until smooth and simmer for 5 minutes.
3.       Add the cream. If the gravy is very rich, it may separate. Add the cream slowly. Stir it constantly.
4.       Correct the seasoning by adding salt and pepper if needed and serve immediately.

·         Makes about 2 cups.
·         Fat can be replaced by lard or shortening

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Maki Sushi or Sushi Rolls in triangle!

  巻き寿司 (maki sushi) translated as Sushi Rolls. I made it last night with my eldest sister. She taught me how to roll the sushi properly. She could make it perfectly, according to her experience, although she is not a sushi maker anymore but she was.

  I made just a few, but I learnt it fast. Only thing is I have to work on my speed. Well, I intended to made it differently. So I did, shaped it into triangle which is cute and special.

  We didn't make it with egg since the eggs was out of stock XD

  Of course serve it with Japanese tea is superb, if you don't, try another tea will goes well too. Stay tuned, I dunno what I will cook next, though.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Spaghetti Alfredo with Meatball

  Alfredo sauce, it brings a lot memories to me. At the very first that I made this sauce, is very thick, EXTREMELY!! It stuck in my whole mouth and hard to swallow XD Sounds like white lipstick to me.

  Plus, I had once made the sauce, failed too. Because it's a bit too watery, tasteless. However, my skills are now greatly improved. Owing to that, the sauce get even better than before.

  This time I made Alfredo with my favourite BEEF meatball. Because beef have richer taste than the other meat like chicken and fish. And of course, I had added in the cheeses to make it taste more wonderful.

  I had this in lunch time today, a rainy cold day, it's pretty cool to have this to warm myself. Well, I should be in the stadium today but I didn't because my intuition told me to. So i had killed three birds in one shot, you know, luckily I didn't turn myself into a wet dog, I bet my friends did. And also, lucky that I'm staying at home and supervise the worker if not my house will be painted in wrong colour. Third luck is, I had this perfect Spaghetti Alfredo alla Meatball.. ("alla" is "with" in Italian XD)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Extraordinary Pizza, Spaghetti Pizza!!

  You may seen many kind of pizza like Seafood Pizza, Double Cheese Pizza and more of it. But did you ever seen something like this, Spaghetti Pizza?? This is an awesome food you ever know, what a nice combination, using spaghetti instead of the dough!

  I love both spaghetti and pizza like anyone does and this food is really a best choice of spaghetti and pizza lover. While I was preparing this food, Benny, my cousin, was there XD Watching how I make this food. Meanwhile I asked him watch over the ingredients to keep it away from the flies, haha...

  Very similar to pizza's taste, but different taste underneath. And the looks, hmm~~ Absolute Perfecto!! I had it served with my roasted onion, pretty niceee.

This is how it looks before serving