Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Roti Canai

  I just made this today with my best cousin, Benny Chieng. I feel like to make it so long time, now i made it eventually. By the way, I rarely eat roti canai , though i live in Malaysia.

  I have had searched this recipe recently, but that recipe don't have enough detail about how to roll or shape it. Lucky Benny knows how to because he ate frequently when he was live in Serikei, Sarawak.

  I do made the taste like other peoples made it, but the looks? Errr... not good enough T.T Well, I do confess that I had one burned, haha. And I missed the curry sauce for roti canai, too. It's really really nice when it serve with curry sauce.

  Originally it is not made by Indian but Indian from Malaysia. Owing to that, it should be a Malaysian Food.