Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Crazy in COOKING!!

  I never will cook if i didn't look for the mushroom soup recipe. Why mushroom soup? Because it's my favorite, and my mom rarely buy cream of mushroom soup in can which is kinda delicious but contains a lot of preservative and costly XD, by the way, it just not enough for me to eat!!
  I craved for too long time, so i wanna cook one , then of course, i search through YouTube for it(in 2010, i was 16). Then, i found a video recipes of mushroom soup by John Mitzewich.
  At first, i thought cooking is difficult and messy. After i tasted the mushroom soup that i had cooked, it's really nice, and i realized cooking isn't as hard as i thought. After that day, i began to search more recipe that i wanted to eat, like Garfield's favorite LASAGNA!! Well, i really done it! It's so nice!!
So this is how i started to addicted in cook until nowadays...

Mushroom Soup

Lasagna baked in microwave, i didn't had oven before but now XD
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