Friday, July 1, 2011

Extraordinary Pizza, Spaghetti Pizza!!

  You may seen many kind of pizza like Seafood Pizza, Double Cheese Pizza and more of it. But did you ever seen something like this, Spaghetti Pizza?? This is an awesome food you ever know, what a nice combination, using spaghetti instead of the dough!

  I love both spaghetti and pizza like anyone does and this food is really a best choice of spaghetti and pizza lover. While I was preparing this food, Benny, my cousin, was there XD Watching how I make this food. Meanwhile I asked him watch over the ingredients to keep it away from the flies, haha...

  Very similar to pizza's taste, but different taste underneath. And the looks, hmm~~ Absolute Perfecto!! I had it served with my roasted onion, pretty niceee.

This is how it looks before serving