Saturday, June 4, 2011

Braised Lamb and Linguine Pesto

it's perfect to serve braised lamb with my lovely pesto~

I love my mom's braised lamb terrific method, it braised with soy bean paste which brings saltiness. As for my mom's secret recipe, she added lemon grass together to make it more fantastic! HMMM~~ it just so wonderful.. I think it's not a secret recipe anymore, after u read XD..
Italian traditional pesto usually uses basil, pine nut, garlic, parmesan and olive oil. But i add some additional ingredients like green onions, cilantro, parsley and more garlic. Garlicky and Herby Pesto should be called instead tradition's.
Some people may ask,"How about with wine??". For me, wine? sorry i'm not in age for a wine XD. Of Course i will someday, with someone else haha, in cadlelight dinner...
My sister usually don't eat lamb, but for this, haha she does...
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